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High performing, lightweight, flexible roofing systems provide continuous waterproofing. Ideal for new builds or refurbishments.

Single-Ply is an extremely versatile waterproofing solution. They provide exceptional freedom of choice in roof design and appearance.

Our membranes are hot air welded making it a safe, flame free installation.

Cold Applied Liquids

Seamless Advanced Technology

Our most cost effective and preferred choice for any roof.

Liquid systems offer flame-free technology, rapid installation and will bond to any other roofing substrate. This making for an ideal choice for overlays.

Fully seamless, making them ideal for use over waterproof systems that have failed at laps, seams or are coming to end of there economic life.

Features and benefits of Liquid roofing systems

Cold, flame-free application
Seamless membrane technology
Choice of any colour for design flexibility
Tough, flexible liquid membranes
Quick to install with simple detailing
Can be used to compliment other waterproofing systems

Survey & maintenance

Efficient. Reliable. Exceptional Service.

We provide a preventive maintenance service for commercial and residential properties to inspect your roof and recommend any repairs to guarantee your roof is kept in good health. The frequency of these checks can be monthly, semi-annual or annually depending on your requirements and budget. We believe regular preventive roofing maintenance should be a major priority for building owners and facilities managers. By implementing a regular, periodic roof maintenance program this will insure you are taking care of your roof and therefore validating the warranty, prolonging the life, and avoiding future failure of a roof.
Please note that if we fully install our membrane or liquids this reduces the worry to maintain and will just need gutter and outlet systems cleared when need be.
We offer a full cleaning service to all roofs. We carry out works in a wide range of roofing disciplines: Single-Ply Membrane, Slating and Tiling, Sheeting and Cladding, Liquid Applied and EPDM. Our Surveys and advice are cost free.
Risk assessment and method statements are always documented and provided before commencement of all works to ensure the highest standards of health and safety

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